From Self-Sabotage to Self-Mastery:
Guided Alignment Coaching with Jennie Potter

Embark on a transformative journey with Jennie's Deluxe Package, an enhanced version of the comprehensive group alignment program. This package is designed to accelerate your progress and provide personalized guidance through one-on-one and group sessions with Jennie herself. Break free from limitations, achieve your goals, and ignite your true purpose and inner light.

What's Included in this Deluxe Package?

  • Exclusive addition of 8 one-on-one personalized sessions with Jennie
    Over 120 days, dive deep into your personal growth journey as Jennie provides tailored guidance, helping you overcome specific obstacles and accelerate your transformation.
  • 6 months of group alignments (with access to past recordings)
    Experience the power of impactful group sessions over six months. Release emotional triggers, heal past wounds, and build lasting connections within a community of like-minded
    individuals. Benefit from shared growth and support as you engage in Jennie's transformative methods to clear the path to your dream experience.
  • Community Access
    Gain entry to a vibrant Facebook community, fostering a space for ongoing support and connection with fellow participants. Receive guidance and insights throughout your transformative journey.
  • Bonus Course
    Unlock the secrets to overcoming self-sabotaging patterns with free access to the Self-Sabotage NO MORE course. Gain practical strategies to conquer obstacles and achieve lasting transformation. This course is a comprehensive toolkit to reshape your life.
  • Bonus Workbook
    Receive a free PDF copy of the Self-Sabotage NO MORE workbook. This valuable resource is filled with exercises and reflections to guide and support your journey of self-discovery. It's your personal guidebook to lasting change.

Group Alignment Topic Examples:

Align to Release Weight

Align to Improve Relationship/Marriage

Align to Goals

Align to Abundance

Align to Allowing

What Clients are Saying

Working with Jennie has been such a blessing. She is very calming, and even when releasing the emotions brought up painful memories, I felt safe to share them with her. After a couple of sessions, I have felt lighter and have definitely seen a reduction in things that would usually trigger me. If you get a chance to work with Jennie (she gets booked up) I highly recommend her.

- MM

Jennie helped me release 1,906 unprocessed emotions. Her goal with her work is to give everyone the recipe to help them release their own unprocessed emotions, sabotage beliefs, setpoints, and live their best lives.

I know for a fact that no matter how successful you might look on the outside if you are still struggling inside, your work is not done. There is help, and I believe Jennie's book is a must-read and must practice on your journey to self-sabotage no more.

- RH

Oh my goodness! Not only has my back felt great since our coaching session, but my business is flourishing!! I just helped two new customers this morning: one ordered two whole bundles plus a single product, my largest sale ever! Oh my goodness! Thank you for clearing out what was blocking me!!! I feel more abundant and able to show up as ME! I am so extremely grateful to you!


After working with Jennie it felt like a weight was lifted. I had a feeling of relief and a sense that energy was flowing again. We released blocks/emotions specifically around finances and the week following my session, many personal and financial opportunities presented themselves to me, including receiving money for things that happened years ago!

I can only describe by saying, it was as if there was a locked door blocking me from receiving and we opened it in just one session! We cleared unprocessed emotions that on a subconscious level were weighing me down.


When I started working with Jennie it was at a time when I felt blocked in many areas of my life. Specifically, we released emotion around past relationships, which seemed to be getting in my way of stepping into a new, healthy, and happy relationship. My business felt stuck at a certain level, which felt impossible to move past. I was seeing some success, but wanted to take things to the next level.

Within a few months of working with Jennie to release unprocessed emotions and sabotage beliefs, we removed what I lovingly call my "love blocks", and I am now with the love of my life! Additionally, I attended her "remove financial blocks" group session, and within a week I had secured thousands of dollars from new clients, who paid in full. I continue to receive calls from people I have met who are now ready to write their book with me. 

I am so grateful to be experiencing next-level life in relationships and finances.


I was a little skeptical and concerned about how this would work but I was more eager to fix things than stay stuck. I knew I had a negative loop playing on repeat in my head and I was curious about Jennie's ability to tap into the root of those beliefs and help facilitate the releasing of them all.

I immediately liked Jennie's style. During our first session, she was so quickly able to pinpoint accurate beliefs right down to the age they showed up! I was surprised with the total accuracy she showed and impressed with how intentional she was in helping me. Having her determine and release the core beliefs I didn’t know were impacting my life was a huge value!

Needless to say over the following days, I noticed that I wasn't distracted by that ever-repeating loop of negative thoughts and feelings!  Yes please! Can’t wait to book with Jennie again!


Invest in Your Transformation

By choosing the Deluxe Package, you're investing in your personal growth and empowerment. Unlock the potential for lasting change as you participate in group sessions, benefit from a supportive community, and receive the personalized attention of one-on-one sessions with Jennie. This package is your gateway to creating the life you've always dreamed of.

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Order Summary
Self Mastery Deluxe Package Full Pay

From Self-Sabotage
to Self-Mastery

Deluxe Package

8 one-on-one sessions over 120 days

- 6 months of group coaching

- 6 months of exclusive community access

- Free SSNM course and workbook

Pay in full: $3,997

Join us now to reserve your spot in this transformative program, ignite your potential, break free from limitations, and create a future filled with endless possibilities. Your transformation journey starts here.

Want to work one one-on-one with Jennie?

(No additional Group Coaching or Community access)

Order Summary
Self Mastery Full Pay

One-on-One Package
(No additional Group Coaching or Community access)

- 6 one-on-one sessions over 90 days

- Free SSNM course and workbook

Pay in full: $2,222

Join us now to reserve your spot in this transformative program, ignite your potential, break free from limitations, and create a future filled with endless possibilities. Your transformation journey starts here.

Can this type of coaching help ME?

Stored emotions and core false beliefs can hold you back from living your best life. Not only can these emotional energies hold you back emotionally, they can cause physical pain, create fatigue, and a difficult mental toll on your day-to-day life. Releasing can be the very thing your body needs to shift into a more abundant life, better communication, better relationships, and an increased level of success. This unseen baggage is often the very thing holding you back from doing what you know you can!

I had already done a lot of mindset work. I knew I needed something more.

Working with Jennie not only helped me unblock and release unprocessed emotions but we also discovered patterns together. My entire team is now working with Jennie.


I had multiple $67,000 tied up in an account that I couldn't get access to for a couple of months. A company I was working with also closed two of my accounts that owed me money.

I started working with Jennie to work through some of these money blocks. Within two weeks of meeting one-on-one and attending her group session to remove energy and emotions around money, I was able to access my money in that account and the other closed accounts paid me through gift cards.

If you're struggling with money issues and or money mindsets & blocks, Jennie is the coach to work with.

- Anonymous

Working with Jennie has been amazing! When I first met her, I had achieved a lot of success in my business but felt a lack of inspiration.

Since working with her, my creative focus has multiplied! I find so much joy in y day and feel more at peace in every area of my life.